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@@ -298,8 +298,6 @@ HelpBrowserMenu3-1:\Rset the local image options.
#HelpBrowserMenu3-1-0:\Stoggle the display of foreground images.
HelpBrowserMenu3-1-1:\Stoggle the display of background images.
HelpBrowserMenu3-1-2:\Stoggle the display of animations.|MIf turned off, the first frame is displayed.
-HelpBrowserMenu3-1-3:\Stoggle dithering of images.|MImproves display in sub true colour screen modes.
-#HelpBrowserMenu3-1-4:\Stoggle smoothing of scaled images.|MUses bi-linear filtering to enhance display of scaled images.
HelpBrowserMenu3-2:\Rcontrol the display of NetSurf's toolbars.
HelpBrowserMenu3-2-0:\Stoggle the display of the toolbar buttons.|MURL bar uses the remaining space.
HelpBrowserMenu3-2-1:\Stoggle the display of the address (URL) bar.