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@@ -1259,6 +1259,7 @@ HelpInterfaceConfig10:This indicates whether NetSurf will use a thumbnail when i
HelpInterfaceConfig11:\Sreset the Interface options back to their default values.
HelpInterfaceConfig12:\Sclose this \w without saving changes.|M\Areturn the cache options to the last saved configuration.
HelpInterfaceConfig13:\Ssave these settings and close the \w.|M\Asave these settings without closing the \w.
+HelpInterfaceConfig16:This indicates whether NetSurf will use an external hotlist client if available, in preference to the internal hotlist.
HelpLanguageConfig:\Tlanguage configuration \w
HelpLanguageConfig3:\Tcurrently selected interface language.|MThe interface language is the language used for NetSurf's messages and dialogue boxes.