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-Adding paged output
-This document is supposed to be a short guide of adding paged output to Netsurf.
-Currently the two pieces of code using the print implementation are PDF export
-and GTK printing.
-The first thing the new paged output has to do is implementing the printer
-interface located in printer.h. It consists of four elements:
-- plotter. This are the plotters which will be used while redrawing the
-- print_begin. This function is called right after the set up and should
-manage all the remaining user-specific initialisation stuff.
-- print_next_page. This function is called before the actual printing of each
-page allowing to prepare the content to be printed.
-- print_end. This function is called right before the printing routines clean
-after themselves and should be used for saving the output to a file, freeing
-previously allocated memory, relesing document handles etc.
-The provided print interface consists of a set of functions which can be used
-seperately and one integrating them all making the print a matter of one call.
-If it is enough you can just call print_basic_run and wait for it to return.
-However, for the case you can't accompish the printing task this way the print
-interface gives you the possiblity of calling the print steps individually.
-Only if you are using print_basic_run you can omit specifying the print settings.
-If this is the case the default ones will be used.
-As you will notice the functions correspond to those you had to implement in the
-printer. The reason for this is adding some flexibility to the system which
-occured necessary i.e in the GTK print implementation.
-- print_set_up. This sets the printing system up and calls print_begin
-- print_draw_next_page. Here after calling print_next_page one full page of the
-dimensions given in the print settings is plotted
-- print_cleanup. This function is responsible for freeing all used resources
-right after calling print_end
-This is where the besic information about the print job is held. You can use one
-of the predifined sets(DEFAULT and OPTIONS) or add your own. In order to do that
-you have to follow this steps:
-- add your entry to the print_configuration enum
-- add handling of it to the switch in print_make_settings
-- add the entry name to this document \ No newline at end of file