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$ make
- Once built, NetSurf can be run by executing the 'netsurf' shell script:
+ If that produces errors, you probably don't have some of NetSurf's build
+ dependencies installed. See "Obtaining NetSurf's dependencies" below.
+ Run NetSurf by executing the 'netsurf' shell script:
$ ./netsurf
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Tested on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora 8, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Solaris 10.
- If you're packaging NetSurf, you can edit the RESPATH macro near the top of
- gtk/gtk_gui.c to point at a directory to search, removing much of the need
- for this starter shell script (and the security implications it has).
+ If you're packaging NetSurf, see the PACKAGING-GTK document.
Obtaining NetSurf's dependencies