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- Build Instructions for GTK NetSurf 26 July 2008
+ Build Instructions for GTK NetSurf 30 July 2008
This document provides instructions for building the GTK version of NetSurf
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and disable relevant features as you see fit. Some of these options can be
automatically detected and used, and where this is the case they are set to
such. Others cannot be automatically detected from the Makefile, so you will
- either need to install the dependancies, or set them to NO.
+ either need to install the dependencies, or set them to NO.
Once done, to build GTK NetSurf on a UNIX-like platform, simply run:
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currently depend on features that the official version does not have. You
can obtain our patched version from the following Subversion address until
the patches are accepted upstream;
- svn://
+ svn://