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@{b}sticky_context_menu@{ub} When disabled, context menu requires mouse button to be held down to keep it visible
@{b}truecolour_mouse_pointers@{ub} Use 32-bit mouse pointers, when disabled NetSurf will use old-style 4 colour images (see Resources/Pointers)
@{b}os_mouse_pointers@{ub} Don't override default and busy mouse pointers
-@{b}always_open_tabs@{ub} Force opening tabs instead of windows (actually swaps the functions so ctrl-click now opens windows and middle mouse button opens tabs) See note [1]
@{b}new_tab_is_active@{ub} Make new tab the active one
@{b}kiosk_mode@{ub} No gadgets
@{b}recent_file@{ub} Path to file to store recent history list
@{b}arexx_dir@{ub} Path to ARexx scripts dir
@{b}download_dir@{ub} default download destination (not used yet)
-[1] There is another option called button_2_tab which does something similar, but does not force links that open new windows into new tabs instead.
-always_open_tabs | button_2_tab | middle button tabs | force tabs
- 0 | 0 | No | No
- 1 | 0 | Yes | Yes
- 0 | 1 | Yes | No
- 1 | 1 | No | Yes
@node arexx "ARexx port"