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diff --git a/desktop/scrollbar.h b/desktop/scrollbar.h
index 66bf83cf2..7c5307fff 100644
--- a/desktop/scrollbar.h
+++ b/desktop/scrollbar.h
@@ -93,10 +93,12 @@ void scrollbar_destroy(struct scrollbar *s);
* \param y the Y coordinate to draw the scrollbar at
* \param clip the clipping rectangle
* \param scale scale for the redraw
+ * \param ctx current redraw context
* \return true on succes false otherwise
bool scrollbar_redraw(struct scrollbar *s, int x, int y,
- const struct rect *clip, float scale);
+ const struct rect *clip, float scale,
+ const struct redraw_context *ctx);
* Set the scroll value of the scrollbar.