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+ * This file is part of NetSurf,
+ * Licensed under the GNU General Public License,
+ *
+ * Copyright 2005 Richard Wilson <>
+ */
+/** \file
+ * Automated RISC OS WIMP event handling (interface).
+ */
+#include <assert.h>
+#include <stdbool.h>
+#include <stdlib.h>
+#include <stdio.h>
+#include <string.h>
+#include "oslib/os.h"
+#include "oslib/wimp.h"
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_memorise(wimp_w w);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_restore(wimp_w w);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_validate(wimp_w w);
+void ro_gui_wimp_event_finalise(wimp_w w);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_set_help_prefix(wimp_w w, const char *help_prefix);
+const char *ro_gui_wimp_event_get_help_prefix(wimp_w w);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_set_user_data(wimp_w w, void *user);
+void *ro_gui_wimp_event_get_user_data(wimp_w w);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_menu_selection(wimp_w w, wimp_i i, wimp_menu *menu,
+ wimp_selection *selection);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_mouse_click(wimp_pointer *pointer);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_keypress(wimp_key *key);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_open_window(wimp_open *open);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_close_window(wimp_w w);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_redraw_window(wimp_draw *redraw);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_numeric_field(wimp_w w, wimp_i i, wimp_i up,
+ wimp_i down, int min, int max, int stepping,
+ int decimal_places);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_text_field(wimp_w w, wimp_i i);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_menu_gright(wimp_w w, wimp_i i,
+ wimp_i gright, wimp_menu *menu);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_checkbox(wimp_w w, wimp_i i);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_radio(wimp_w w, wimp_i *i);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_button(wimp_w w, wimp_i i,
+ void (*callback)(wimp_pointer *pointer));
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_cancel(wimp_w w, wimp_i i);
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_ok(wimp_w w, wimp_i i,
+ bool (*callback)(wimp_w w));
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_mouse_click(wimp_w w,
+ bool (*callback)(wimp_pointer *pointer));
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_keypress(wimp_w w,
+ bool (*callback)(wimp_key *key));
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_open_window(wimp_w w,
+ void (*callback)(wimp_open *open));
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_close_window(wimp_w w,
+ void (*callback)(wimp_w w));
+bool ro_gui_wimp_event_register_redraw_window(wimp_w w,
+ void (*callback)(wimp_draw *redraw));