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diff --git a/utils/url.h b/utils/url.h
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--- a/utils/url.h
+++ b/utils/url.h
@@ -32,13 +32,12 @@
* Escape a string suitable for inclusion in an URL.
* \param unescaped the unescaped string
- * \param toskip number of bytes to skip in unescaped string
* \param sptoplus true iff spaces should be converted to +
* \param escexceptions NULL or a string of characters excluded to be escaped
* \param result pointer to pointer to buffer to hold escaped string
* \return NSERROR_OK on success
-nserror url_escape(const char *unescaped, size_t toskip, bool sptoplus,
+nserror url_escape(const char *unescaped, bool sptoplus,
const char *escexceptions, char **result);