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* more allocvec/malloc changesChris Young2016-11-1914-242/+236
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// into chris/mallocChris Young2016-11-195-12/+12
| * Free and clear icondata to avoid a potential double-freeChris Young2016-11-193-10/+11
| * fix unecessary base64 header includeVincent Sanders2016-11-192-2/+1
* | More allocvec/malloc changesChris Young2016-11-195-35/+33
* | More allocvec/malloc replacementsChris Young2016-11-198-22/+24
* | Change some AllocVecs to mallocs and FreeVecs to freeChris Young2016-11-196-18/+41
* Move memory functions to own fileChris Young2016-11-1928-75/+135
| * Move slab size def into memory.cChris Young2016-11-196-2/+8
| * Add memory.c/hChris Young2016-11-192-0/+107
| * Move memory functions from misc.c to memory.cChris Young2016-11-1925-76/+23
* Merge branch 'tlsa/shared-styles'Michael Drake2016-11-191-32/+23
| * Work in Progress: Update for style-sharing LibCSS API.Michael Drake2016-11-191-32/+23
* Remove internal BASE64 in favour of nsutils' oneDaniel Silverstone2016-11-194-491/+6
* Merge 3.6 release and prepare 3.7 devDaniel Silverstone2016-11-198-27/+28
| * Update copyright yearsrelease/3.6Daniel Silverstone2016-11-194-20/+21
| * Update version.c and amiga version.cDaniel Silverstone2016-11-192-7/+2
| * Bump AmigaOS versionsDaniel Silverstone2016-11-192-4/+4
* Merge branch 'vince/win32-corewindow'Michael Drake2016-11-1915-44/+1849
| * add corewindow support for windows frontendVincent Sanders2016-11-1915-44/+1849
* | Increase slab size to 8K (recommended size)Chris Young2016-11-191-1/+1
* | Fix some warningsChris Young2016-11-181-8/+11
* | Remove setting an env-var to force disable Altivec in libjpeg-turboChris Young2016-11-182-33/+0
* | Move declaration to ensure ULONG is definedChris Young2016-11-171-2/+2
* | Enable slab allocator on OS3Chris Young2016-11-171-1/+3
* | Docs: Fix for zsh in env.shDaniel Silverstone2016-11-131-2/+2
* Rationalise the use of win32 application instance handle useVincent Sanders2016-10-307-226/+310
* Complete windows main window documentationVincent Sanders2016-10-292-232/+320
* Improve windows win32 main browser window code documentationVincent Sanders2016-10-262-50/+140
* Improve window operation table documentationVincent Sanders2016-10-261-10/+35
* add some example code to aid in explaining the core window interfaceVincent Sanders2016-10-261-3/+572
* clean up documentation of GTK core window interfacesVincent Sanders2016-10-264-25/+126
* Initial attempt to document the core window interfaceVincent Sanders2016-10-241-0/+108
* Disable triangle mode for bitmap scalingChris Young2016-10-231-2/+14
* remove unused variable in windows frontendVincent Sanders2016-10-201-3/+3
* allow windows frontend to load and store urldb filesVincent Sanders2016-10-191-5/+67
* windows frontend netsurf optionsVincent Sanders2016-10-194-1/+41
* fix windows user preferences location storageVincent Sanders2016-10-195-21/+127
* remove unused extraneous windows fileVincent Sanders2016-10-192-4/+0
* fix curl/openssl library link orderingVincent Sanders2016-10-192-3/+7
* UA style: Simplify HR style.Michael Drake2016-10-131-3/+2
* Table cell nowrap attribute is presentational hint, not UA style.Michael Drake2016-10-134-2/+21
* allow gtk3 target in CI systemVincent Sanders2016-10-081-0/+33
* env: add m68k-unknown-amigaosJohn-Mark Bell2016-10-051-0/+6
* fix gtk install target to cope with gtk3Vincent Sanders2016-10-055-23/+60
* fix gtk3 build with corewindowVincent Sanders2016-10-051-4/+0
* fix framebuffer install rulesVincent Sanders2016-10-051-1/+1
* addjust posix feature level for openbsd 6 buildVincent Sanders2016-10-011-1/+1
* complete transition to locale independant core operationVincent Sanders2016-09-296-116/+6
* fix use of default image on menu entries for gtk frontendVincent Sanders2016-09-271-25/+58