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* BeOS build instructions: advise to use Quick-Start methodAdrien Destugues2015-10-121-11/+30
* Fix Haiku supportAdrien Destugues2015-10-121-4/+4
* Introduce a binding flags to allow local config changesVincent Sanders2015-10-122-3/+5
* turn full debugging off againVincent Sanders2015-10-121-1/+4
* Ensure the cause of the problem is logged when an htmlc has no parser.Michael Drake2015-10-121-15/+20
* Split up javascript engine makefilesVincent Sanders2015-10-1210-104/+134
* add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLFormElementVincent Sanders2015-10-123-11/+27
* add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLFontElementVincent Sanders2015-10-123-7/+21
* add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLElementVincent Sanders2015-10-123-7/+21
* fix null dereference in document.writelnDave Higton2015-10-101-4/+13
* Add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLBodyElementVincent Sanders2015-10-104-20/+44
* Add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLBaseElementVincent Sanders2015-10-103-5/+18
* Add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLAreaElementVincent Sanders2015-10-093-11/+27
* Add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLAppletElementVincent Sanders2015-10-093-20/+33
* Add automaticaly generated property setter and getters to HTMLAnchorElementVincent Sanders2015-10-093-1199/+1222
* Update unimplemented javascript document with types on settersVincent Sanders2015-10-091-784/+782
* implement cookie reading in js document bindingVincent Sanders2015-10-091-4/+33
* Implement user agent reportingVincent Sanders2015-10-091-0/+11
* use the duckky_instanceof from the bindingsVincent Sanders2015-10-093-42/+9
* Add some HTML Element specialisations for HR and BRVincent Sanders2015-10-084-47/+27
* Turn off excessive debugging in javascriptVincent Sanders2015-10-071-1/+1
* complete binding for HTML BR elementVincent Sanders2015-10-073-3/+51
* Add a brief explanation of whats in the unimplemented documentationVincent Sanders2015-10-072-0/+2
* Add documentation showing unimplemented javascript bindingsVincent Sanders2015-10-074-4/+2404
* putforwards test on locationVincent Sanders2015-10-051-0/+13
* Update html IDL to current specVincent Sanders2015-10-051-86/+69
* report error getting user data in document.writeVincent Sanders2015-10-051-3/+9
* initial js navigator bindingVincent Sanders2015-10-055-0/+130
* ensure completion of async js scripts completes the fetchVincent Sanders2015-10-021-0/+7
* Makes the Javascript document.writeln() function work as well as write()Dave Higton2015-10-011-0/+22
* Update bindings to cope with improved nsgenbind syntaxVincent Sanders2015-09-289-114/+116
* Add assert before we wander off into the weeds.Michael Drake2015-09-261-0/+1
* Improve location implementation to be more completeVincent Sanders2015-09-205-47/+237
* expose the location object through document as well as windowVincent Sanders2015-09-101-0/+13
* Fix instanceof to be correct and improve documentation of stack contentsDaniel Silverstone2015-09-091-9/+10
* Allow the popupmenu-based select menu to cascade into multiple sub-menus cont...Chris Young2015-09-072-3/+59
* Add initial readonly location implementationVincent Sanders2015-09-073-0/+227
* fix gadget resource leak (coverity #1109875)Vincent Sanders2015-09-071-0/+1
* Move status bar gadget to the correct place on OS3Chris Young2015-09-061-1/+5
* Fix broken headersChris Young2015-09-062-3/+8
* Create menu on OS3 and 3 the same way (old GadTools method)Chris Young2015-09-064-52/+26
| * Create menus on OS3 and 4 the same way (manual GadTools method).Chris Young2015-09-064-52/+26
* Remove errorneous addition.Chris Young2015-09-051-1/+0
* Merge branch 'chris/menuclass'Chris Young2015-09-0518-1519/+887
| * Fix memory leakChris Young2015-09-051-4/+22
| * Correct checkbox logicChris Young2015-09-052-9/+14
| * Enable control of core/popupmenu select menus in the prefs GUI.Chris Young2015-09-056-7/+54
| * Rename context_menu.c and strip out all the context menu code, so this file a...Chris Young2015-09-058-1407/+124
| * Add a small test menu to the clicktab gadgetChris Young2015-09-054-22/+82
| * Add context menu item for copying text selectionChris Young2015-09-051-14/+44