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* More rigourous MIME type checking for CSS allows us to remove the icons from ↵Chris Young2011-03-141-0/+0
| | | | | | | | included CSS files. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=12049
* Local file handling improvements (fetch_file is incomplete and not being ↵Chris Young2008-11-081-0/+0
used yet) filetype.c has been changed to get the MIME type of a file from the MIMETYPE tooltype of the icon or default icon for the file. The install script will set the basic of these, and icons for default.css and AdBlock.css have been added to ensure these always return the correct MIME type. If the MIMETYPE tooltype is not found, the code will use datatypes.library to identify the file and make a guess as to what the MIME type is. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=5651