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* move frontends into sub directoryVincent Sanders2016-05-151-75/+0
* Create the BitMapObjects and just switch between them.Chris Young2013-11-231-2/+2
* Add hotlist favourites star buttonChris Young2013-11-231-0/+2
* Put a search icon where the old search favicon wasChris Young2011-07-021-0/+1
* Previous commit should have all gone to trunkChris Young2010-10-301-2/+0
* Merge treeview-redux to trunkJohn Mark Bell2010-10-051-6/+2
* Add an Add Tab button.Chris Young2010-02-141-0/+3
* Improved tabs for OS4.1u1:Chris Young2010-02-141-1/+1
* Indicate when tabs are loading. Currently this only works with the AISS them...Chris Young2009-09-061-0/+1
* Tweak throbber anim speedChris Young2009-08-181-1/+1
* Allow setting throbber speed in Theme definition fileChris Young2009-06-151-0/+1
* Basic SSL certificate verification for Amiga versionChris Young2009-05-311-0/+1
* Change pointer imagery when draggingChris Young2009-03-251-0/+2
* Access Resources relative to program directory rather than current directory.Chris Young2009-03-171-20/+20
* Remove default theme's dependency on AISSChris Young2009-02-181-0/+2
* Modify 32-bit mouse pointers to look at the ones in ENV:SysChris Young2009-01-101-21/+23
* Add pointer image filenames to theme filesChris Young2008-12-131-0/+40
* Allow theming of default treeview folder and item images.Chris Young2008-10-191-0/+5
* Basic theme support.Chris Young2008-10-181-0/+21