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* Added context menu, Ole Loots2011-09-191-48/+37
* Keep Mouse tracking limited to input_window.Ole Loots2011-09-091-2/+5
* Avoid double free. Wasn't triggered before, because no data was passed to des...Ole Loots2011-08-301-4/+0
* Added missing position update when window got moved.Ole Loots2011-08-051-5/+4
* Improved accuracy for window resize. Ole Loots2011-08-051-65/+53
* removed preparations for frames. (will be handled within the core)Ole Loots2011-06-301-42/+34
* Frond ends signal end of drag with call to browser_window_mouse_track.Michael Drake2011-06-271-2/+4
* If iframes are reformatted due to containing document reflow, don't need to r...Michael Drake2011-06-241-1/+1
* Moved mouse movement handling into window event handlers, updated resources, ...Ole Loots2011-04-101-0/+165
* Allocate window title string memory dynamically.Ole Loots2011-03-201-1/+7
* remove obsolete, unused gui_window_redraw APIVincent Sanders2011-03-011-1/+1
* Added support for cookie and URL file, fixed box redraw.Ole Loots2011-02-121-0/+3
* Added file upload / file dragdropOle Loots2011-02-051-1/+129
* Set default window title when opening window. Ole Loots2011-01-301-0/+14
* Implemented Search DialogOle Loots2011-01-301-0/+0
* Introduced attached flag for Statusbar. Ole Loots2011-01-221-0/+4
* Atari frontend (credit: Ole Loots)John Mark Bell2011-01-051-0/+459