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* - started to work on settings dialogOle Loots2012-12-211-4/+10
* Preparing for merge...Ole Loots2012-12-181-0/+5
* Use global variable desk_area for size calculationOle Loots2012-12-061-8/+7
* Hotlist now works without windom.Ole Loots2012-11-221-48/+60
* Ripped Windom out of the treeview implementation,Ole Loots2012-11-201-27/+29
* Remove unused functions.Michael Drake2012-10-091-11/+0
* Fix warnings, moved prototypes, housekeepingOle Loots2012-08-271-2/+2
* Open hotlist and history at top right cornerOle Loots2012-07-271-2/+4
* Added missing but not-so important changes from local SVN working copy.Ole Loots2012-07-101-1/+1
* fix history redraw by calling the window specific redraw function from gui_po...Ole Loots2012-06-191-9/+1
* First attempt to implement the global history treeview. There is something wr...Ole Loots2012-06-191-3/+126
* I'm actually trying to simplify the frontend code, changes:Ole Loots2011-11-281-0/+1
* Implemented Search DialogOle Loots2011-01-301-0/+0
* Atari frontend (credit: Ole Loots)John Mark Bell2011-01-051-0/+30