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* Plotter refactor: removed one plotter abraction layer.Ole Loots2012-07-131-1/+1
* Fixed header, made different font plotters optional. Ole Loots2011-12-041-25/+26
* Added missing call to vst_colorOle Loots2011-03-071-5/+16
* Implemented OS detection routines provided by GSOle Loots2011-03-011-1/+2
* Rearanged includes, fixed VDI style for dashed plots. Ole Loots2011-01-301-16/+9
* Implemented Search DialogOle Loots2011-01-301-0/+0
* Improved compatibility with classic TOS systems. Ole Loots2011-01-221-7/+19
* Atari frontend (credit: Ole Loots)John Mark Bell2011-01-051-0/+216