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* Finally it compiles without WinDom - still some things to bring back:Ole Loots2013-01-071-10/+14
* Removed browser.h/.cOle Loots2013-01-031-19/+28
* Implemented caret redraw.Ole Loots2013-01-011-37/+226
* - started to work on settings dialogOle Loots2012-12-211-20/+17
* Removed global_evnt.c module.Ole Loots2012-12-061-9/+10
* Only schedule on-screen redraw areas, and do not substractOle Loots2012-12-061-1/+2
* Implement mouse move event handlingOle Loots2012-12-061-11/+78
* Removed debug statements.Ole Loots2012-12-041-3/+0
* Dragged scrolling/mouse click events works fine now.Ole Loots2012-12-041-53/+62
* Implemented scrolling for gui windows.Ole Loots2012-12-031-5/+57
* Implemented basic mouse input to browser component (click).Ole Loots2012-12-031-165/+192
* Implemented Browser key input handling.Ole Loots2012-12-011-119/+195
* Toolbar is now finished, started work on browser redraw/scrolling.Ole Loots2012-11-301-183/+182
* re-implemented browser toolbar redraw / URL area redraw.Ole Loots2012-11-291-8/+8
* Started refactoring of global redraw handling.Ole Loots2012-11-281-56/+89
* Refactored a lot of browser window code,... still totally WIP.Ole Loots2012-11-271-183/+233
* Ripped Windom out of the treeview implementation,Ole Loots2012-11-201-4/+4
* Imporved gemtk toolbar handling.Ole Loots2012-11-191-43/+12
* Start to remove windom, wip.Ole Loots2012-11-181-0/+816