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* Avoid dereferencing NULLJohn Mark Bell2011-05-161-1/+2
* Temporary hack to stop crashing in Amiga frontend. Roll on frames re-impleme...Chris Young2011-03-161-0/+8
* ensure iframe stuff does not de-reference null pointersVincent Sanders2010-10-141-4/+11
* In switch statements add default branch for unknown enum values, with assert.Michael Drake2010-07-061-35/+54
* Merge jmb/new-cache; r=dsilvers,rs=vinceDaniel Silverstone2010-03-281-7/+8
* Replace parent_url with a pointer to the parent content.John Mark Bell2009-07-101-8/+9
* Remove unused codeJohn Mark Bell2009-05-281-6/+0
* Merge Mike's tabs changes. Still needs some cleaning.Rob Kendrick2008-08-241-2/+2
* Include headers we need, rather than depending on (optional) features doing so.Rob Kendrick2008-07-281-0/+1
* The core code has always assumed a locale of "C".John Mark Bell2008-05-131-1/+0
* Bug fixes by Franz Korntner.James Bursa2007-10-281-8/+2
* Update all source code file headers to reflect GPL version 2 only and contain...Vincent Sanders2007-08-081-4/+14
* Fix division by 0 caused by uninitialised scale value.John Mark Bell2007-08-071-10/+4
* Move window scaling from platform-specific code to desktop/browser.c. Modify ...James Bursa2007-08-071-2/+2
* Remove the netsurf/ from the include paths and rationalise use of <> vs "" in...Daniel Silverstone2007-05-301-9/+9
* Fix return value checkJohn Mark Bell2007-04-071-4/+4
* Open window targets with a new name in a new window. Fix handling of Adjust-c...Richard Wilson2007-04-071-3/+14
* Stop iframe contents from appearing in global history. Fix by JMB.Michael Drake2007-03-061-1/+1
* Handle cookies in unverifiable transactionsJohn Mark Bell2007-01-271-5/+25
* Format frame content to correct initial size. Scale iframe co-ordinates.Richard Wilson2007-01-031-36/+44
* Correctly support NORESIZE flag for frames (partially fix 1593228)Richard Wilson2006-12-031-8/+27
* Update project URL.Michael Drake2006-11-271-1/+1
* Move frames-related code out of browser.c into a new file. Remove some browse...James Bursa2006-11-261-0/+662