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* Shared URL nodes in the treeview actually want to be readonly. They certainly...John Mark Bell2011-07-241-2/+2
* When launching multiple URLs from a treeview, allow to open one window with m...Chris Young2011-07-021-2/+4
* Ensure we correctly release all icon resources associated with trees, SSL cer...Daniel Silverstone2011-01-201-0/+2
* Small refactor to change icon names to being passed in from frontends instead...Vincent Sanders2010-12-141-3/+3
* Squash warningJohn Mark Bell2010-10-241-2/+0
* Don't expand the oldest global history entries by default.Chris Young2010-10-241-5/+0
* Merge treeview-redux to trunkJohn Mark Bell2010-10-051-0/+464