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* Optimise out scrollbar action induced redraws with no effect.Michael Drake2011-08-311-0/+5
* More robustification.Michael Drake2011-08-301-5/+12
* Make more robust. E.g. zero length scrollbars.Michael Drake2011-08-271-2/+8
* Fix step size for clicks on scrollbar arrow icons.Michael Drake2011-08-251-4/+4
* When scrollbar extents are updated, scale current offset appropriately.Michael Drake2011-08-251-2/+4
* Remove plotter table global. Pass a redraw context around redraw functions. ...Michael Drake2011-06-301-28/+34
* Purge unused variable.Michael Drake2011-05-171-3/+1
* Increase pointer drag range. Setting the clamps correctly seems to cause us ...Michael Drake2011-05-111-8/+8
* Fix content drags within scrollable areas. Various tidyups.Michael Drake2011-05-111-21/+24
* Rename scroll offset in scrollbar message data, although nothing seems to use...Michael Drake2011-05-101-1/+1
* Move scrollbar widget API documentation to header.Michael Drake2011-05-101-93/+25
* Scrollbar widget changes: Update functon parameters to have names that aren't...Michael Drake2011-05-101-206/+178
* Continue improving comments. Fix bugs in scrollbar_set_extents. Rename things...Michael Drake2011-05-101-64/+66
* s/scroll/scrollbar/ and improve scrollbar widget comments.Michael Drake2011-05-091-0/+826