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* clean up some of the doxygen generation warningsVincent Sanders2017-02-1918-41/+93
* update gtk frontend to use corewindow local historyVincent Sanders2017-02-1712-202/+466
* remove redundant global contextVincent Sanders2017-02-155-22/+3
* clean up incorrect documentation comments from plotter API reworkVincent Sanders2017-02-1410-44/+85
* Try to ensure we get the correct type of native BitMapChris Young2017-02-136-10/+12
* Remove direct_render, only ever used for debuggingChris Young2017-02-133-32/+3
* Make gui_globals less... globalChris Young2017-02-136-26/+40
* Get render bitmap size via functionChris Young2017-02-134-4/+22
* Manage shared pens internally unless we need multiple lists (eg. per browser_...Chris Young2017-02-137-14/+68
* Alloc gui_global structure when initialisingChris Young2017-02-138-55/+60
* Remove use of global context data from Amiga frontendChris Young2017-02-1311-92/+81
* fix plotter mergeVincent Sanders2017-02-122-5/+5
* Merge branch 'vince/plotctx'Vincent Sanders2017-02-1230-3442/+5328
| * update beos to new plotter APIVincent Sanders2017-02-121-477/+649
| * update atari plotters to new APIVincent Sanders2017-02-126-1021/+1313
| * update amiga plot APIVincent Sanders2017-02-115-357/+557
| * update windows plotters to new APIVincent Sanders2017-02-111-508/+668
| * update framebuffer to new plotter APIVincent Sanders2017-02-112-218/+416
| * update monkey plotters to new APIVincent Sanders2017-02-111-45/+213
| * update RISC OS plotters to new APIVincent Sanders2017-02-119-657/+1055
| * Update GTK plotters to use new APIVincent Sanders2017-02-115-159/+457
* | RISC OS: Initialise nsfont before hotlist.Michael Drake2017-02-121-3/+3
* | Fix OS3 buildChris Young2017-02-111-0/+1
* Fix up GTK+ hotlist finalisation to clean up properlyDaniel Silverstone2017-02-052-1/+7
* fix warnings and errors in atari frontendVincent Sanders2017-01-2110-78/+80
* create netsurf inttypes header to have portable integer formatting macrosVincent Sanders2017-01-2111-11/+12
* add missing utils header for NOF_ELEMENTS macroVincent Sanders2017-01-191-0/+1
* fixup cocoa form select menu includes to get rect type definitionVincent Sanders2017-01-191-1/+1
* add missing include of inttypes to atari cookies viewerVincent Sanders2017-01-191-0/+1
* rationalise use of utils/utils.h headerVincent Sanders2017-01-1920-22/+3
* remove silly debugChris Young2017-01-161-1/+1
* Perform dynamic update of Hotlist menu when using MenuClass menusChris Young2017-01-162-2/+3
* Update documentatonChris Young2017-01-152-3/+3
* disable dynamic hotlist menu updateChris Young2017-01-151-1/+1
* minor menu fixesChris Young2017-01-153-10/+10
* Attempt hotlist menu refreshChris Young2017-01-156-16/+79
* Ignore the other check toggle stuff with menuclassChris Young2017-01-151-1/+11
* Update JS menu check state when prefs option is toggledChris Young2017-01-153-2/+12
* Split up menu.c into generic and gui_window-specific filesChris Young2017-01-1512-1190/+1292
* Share menuclass object with all browser windowsChris Young2017-01-153-4/+26
* Remove excess logging and fix user-added hotlist separator barsChris Young2017-01-151-6/+3
* Fix MenuClass menu creationChris Young2017-01-145-172/+197
* Get selected state with MenuClass compatible abstractionChris Young2017-01-141-4/+23
* Replace OnMenu/OffMenu with MenuClass compatible abstractionChris Young2017-01-144-66/+164
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// into chris/men...Chris Young2017-01-1430-26/+30
| * move plot style header to netsurf include directoryVincent Sanders2017-01-1325-21/+25
| * Avoid accessing NULL pointerChris Young2017-01-121-1/+1
| * Dave Higton's fix for 'tree' windows not being movable off-screenDaniel Silverstone2017-01-104-4/+4
* | Our hook function needs to be in UserData, not PickHook, for window.class rea...Chris Young2017-01-121-1/+1
* | Attempt to construct menu using menuclassChris Young2017-01-091-8/+92