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* fixup gtk source file namesVincent Sanders2011-01-291-35/+0
* Somewhat rationalise GTK throbber initialisationVincent Sanders2010-01-241-4/+1
* Do not include GIF throbber loading support if GIF support is excludedRob Kendrick2008-08-131-0/+2
* nsgtk now loads the throbber from a set of PNG files. This change will make ...Rob Kendrick2008-06-021-2/+3
* Update all source code file headers to reflect GPL version 2 only and contain...Vincent Sanders2007-08-081-3/+14
* Update project URL.Michael Drake2006-11-271-1/+1
* Merge new glade nsgtk window code into trunk.Rob Kendrick2006-08-151-0/+24