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* fixup preference dialog handling of Developer view optionsVincent Sanders2014-08-021-3/+0
* rationalise source viewVincent Sanders2014-08-011-0/+3
* change all core and frontend options headers to new formatVincent Sanders2013-05-281-61/+53
* NetSurf options rework (a=vince r=daniels,jmb)Vincent Sanders2012-03-221-55/+58
* add option to set tab positionVincent Sanders2011-09-261-2/+5
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* Turn on smooth scaling by default, since it doesn't make much difference to p...Michael Drake2010-04-081-9/+9
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* Apply contributions from Mark Benjamin and Chris Tarnowski, with some reworki...Rob Kendrick2009-04-201-2/+23
* Add support for displaying the tab bar if there's only one tab.Daniel Silverstone2008-09-161-2/+6
* Merged revisions 4282-4285,4288-4293,4297-4298,4307,4309-4313,4322,4324-4680 ...Rob Kendrick2008-07-161-0/+9
* Drop support for non-cairo plotting.John Mark Bell2008-05-291-3/+0
* Update all source code file headers to reflect GPL version 2 only and contain...Vincent Sanders2007-08-081-3/+14
* Remove the netsurf/ from the include paths and rationalise use of <> vs "" in...Daniel Silverstone2007-05-301-1/+1
* Update project URL (partially lost during merge)John Mark Bell2006-11-271-1/+2
* Update project URL.Michael Drake2006-11-271-1/+1
* Loading and saving of urldb on init/exit of nsgtk.Rob Kendrick2006-07-281-3/+5
* Make Cairo rendering a run-time option in nsgtk - also add infrastructure for...Rob Kendrick2006-07-231-0/+23