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* load default favicon once Vincent Sanders2011-12-311-4/+2
* only use libsexy entry widget prior to gtk 2.16Vincent Sanders2011-12-301-60/+32
* Change GTK plotting to use cairo surfaces throughoutVincent Sanders2011-12-301-27/+36
* Pass whether background images are wanted in redraw_context.Michael Drake2011-12-231-0/+1
* content_get_url -> hlcache_handle_get_url, content__get_url -> content_get_urlJohn Mark Bell2011-12-041-7/+7
* Ensure the GTK UI closes all its scaffoldings before exiting.Daniel Silverstone2011-10-091-0/+2
* fix ico handler to actually decode to bitmap when called via get_internalVincent Sanders2011-10-071-2/+4
* initial favicon supportVincent Sanders2011-10-061-7/+2
* Port more internals to nsurl. Front ends may need updating.Michael Drake2011-10-031-6/+7
* clean up gtk tabs argument types to avoid uncessary castingVincent Sanders2011-09-261-1/+1
* reduce to a single global structure for glade file locationsVincent Sanders2011-09-241-1/+1
* remove deprecated GDK usage except for in libsexyVincent Sanders2011-09-171-6/+3
* Port GTK front end's context menu handling to browser_window_get_contextual_c...Michael Drake2011-09-061-16/+16
* Remove gui_window_get_browser_window from core. Remove unused implementation...Michael Drake2011-09-051-43/+43
* GTK changes for core search update (r12646).Michael Drake2011-08-241-10/+9
* Fix selection for non-gui browser windows (iframes).Michael Drake2011-07-131-3/+3
* Remove plotter table global. Pass a redraw context around redraw functions. ...Michael Drake2011-06-301-3/+7
* New window opens with homepage, rather than current page.Michael Drake2011-06-041-1/+7
* Merge branches/jmb/content-factory to trunkJohn Mark Bell2011-05-061-10/+0
* make gtk help menu entries actually do somethingVincent Sanders2011-03-151-3/+9
* Move schedule.h to utils/John Mark Bell2011-03-131-0/+1
* Purge nsgtk_plot_set_scale(), nsgtk_plot_get_scale() and nsgtk_plot_scale glo...Michael Drake2011-03-091-1/+0
* Pass clip rect to clip plotters as struct. Simplify clip rect handling in de...Michael Drake2011-02-141-4/+6
* gtk can have *only* a single accelerator group attached or it goes bangVincent Sanders2011-02-011-4/+8
* fixup gtk source file namesVincent Sanders2011-01-291-0/+2541