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* Add missing calls to bitmap_modified(). This fixes using libpng in the BeOS p...Fran├žois Revel2008-10-101-0/+1
* 'unsigned long' -> 'colour' where it made sense.John Tytgat2008-09-281-2/+2
* First merge of Adam Blokus' GSoC work from his branch 'branches/adamblokus/ne...John Tytgat2008-07-261-1/+1
* Change u_int32_t to uint32_tRob Kendrick2008-06-171-6/+6
* Update status bar when standalone images are done.Michael Drake2008-03-101-0/+2
* Update all source code file headers to reflect GPL version 2 only and contain...Vincent Sanders2007-08-081-21/+32
* Fix warning with rsvgRob Kendrick2007-08-081-1/+1
* Add incremental parsing of SVG data to librsvg content handler.Rob Kendrick2007-07-191-10/+18
* Fixes to rsvg renderer. Now mostly works for direct (non-embedded in a docum...Rob Kendrick2007-07-181-47/+32
* Initial work on RSVG image handler. Still a lot to do.Rob Kendrick2007-07-181-0/+203