path: root/include/netsurf/core_window.h
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* Core window: Constify the core_window handle through the getters.Michael Drake2020-02-221-2/+2
* Corewindow: Sanitise scrolling API.Michael Drake2019-08-031-6/+25
| | | | | | | Now the core has a helper so that all the front ends don't need to implement the scroll to show area API. Now they simply have get and set scroll APIs.
* update invalidate area core window APIVincent Sanders2017-05-231-6/+22
| | | | | | | | slightly extends the invalidate core window API with error return and whole window invalidation. Also renames it to be more inline with browser window API call. cannot quite reuse browser window API yet as that applies scaling
* improve corewindow API documentationVincent Sanders2016-12-241-12/+12
* move core window API into netsurf header pathVincent Sanders2016-08-181-0/+93