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* Remove forward declaration.Michael Drake2012-08-141-235/+229
* Fix comment.Michael Drake2012-08-131-1/+1
* Use content message broadcast to request scrolls, instead of depending on htm...Michael Drake2012-08-131-8/+12
* Let HTML content handle object content srcoll request messages.Michael Drake2012-08-131-0/+9
* Pass font plot style out to front end clipboard append function.Michael Drake2012-08-131-4/+5
* Fix handling of form elements without a <form>.Michael Drake2012-08-071-3/+0
* Reflect change to hubbub parser binding API.John-Mark Bell2012-08-051-11/+8
* Libdom now returns the document object at creation timeVincent Sanders2012-08-051-13/+11
* resume parse on sync script error as well as successVincent Sanders2012-07-311-0/+6
* add post parse script executionVincent Sanders2012-07-313-14/+9
* fix dom parser error return checkVincent Sanders2012-07-311-1/+1
* fix parse completion - working syncronous scriptsVincent Sanders2012-07-303-37/+72
* extend html data processing to deal with paused parseVincent Sanders2012-07-302-47/+72
* extend completion typesVincent Sanders2012-07-301-28/+238
* extend script enumeration to include asyncronous and deferred scriptsVincent Sanders2012-07-304-42/+55
* split up the script processingVincent Sanders2012-07-301-95/+124
* More use of interns.Michael Drake2012-07-261-32/+60
* Use interns for string comparisons.Michael Drake2012-07-261-9/+11
* doxygen serious warning cleanupVincent Sanders2012-07-241-2/+2
* Compare interns instead of strings in html_forms.cMichael Drake2012-07-231-33/+37
* Fix free of NULL.Michael Drake2012-07-231-1/+1
* Interned string cleanup, phase 6 (final): Move html.c to corestring.Michael Drake2012-07-221-182/+44
* Fix ref counting issue in meta tag finder.Michael Drake2012-07-221-0/+5
* Fix ref counting issue in HEAD handler. Fix logic error too.Michael Drake2012-07-221-6/+10
* Interned string cleanup, phase 5: Move imagemap.c to corestring.Michael Drake2012-07-221-20/+20
* Interned string cleanup, phase 4: Move html_script.c to corestring.Michael Drake2012-07-221-7/+12
* Interned string cleanup, phase 3: Move html_forms.c to corestring.Michael Drake2012-07-222-9/+7
* Fix reference handling when computing next node.John-Mark Bell2012-07-221-1/+3
* Fix ref leak in error caseJohn-Mark Bell2012-07-221-0/+2
* Unref the <html> node where appropriate, so we don't have it left behindDaniel Silverstone2012-07-211-2/+19
* Add textarea support back in.Michael Drake2012-07-211-0/+50
* Avoid strcasecmp in form control creation node name handler.Michael Drake2012-07-213-14/+24
* Use case insensitive string comparisions for nodesJohn-Mark Bell2012-07-152-13/+17
* fix stylesheet renderVincent Sanders2012-07-141-1/+1
* Do not render noscript when script is enabled.John-Mark Bell2012-07-151-0/+16
* Squash warningsJohn-Mark Bell2012-07-152-2/+3
* Merge branch 'vince/forms-fixed'Vincent Sanders2012-07-144-25/+469
| * Rework form acessors to deal with binding changesVincent Sanders2012-07-145-464/+482
| * Early <input> elements working, but we need more caseless comparisonsDaniel Silverstone2012-07-082-4/+145
| * BINDING: Support <button> and added the infra for form controls a litle moreDaniel Silverstone2012-07-071-8/+152
| * Binding: Construct forms objects for a documentDaniel Silverstone2012-07-071-7/+166
* | fix quirks mode setting with libdom hubbub parserVincent Sanders2012-07-145-19/+20
* | remove parser binding layerVincent Sanders2012-07-138-1623/+134
* | split out script handling from htmlVincent Sanders2012-07-133-305/+355
* do not try and write to document if the parser is finishedVincent Sanders2012-07-071-1/+4
* Improve logging and inline script handlingVincent Sanders2012-07-071-15/+19
* alter usage of libdom hubbub bindingVincent Sanders2012-07-063-618/+613
* fix mimetype handling of script elementsVincent Sanders2012-06-282-16/+71
* add content handler for javascriptVincent Sanders2012-06-191-1/+1
* simplify stylesheet find context and remove junk variablesVincent Sanders2012-06-191-13/+17