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* s/history_core/local_history/Michael Drake2013-07-103-3/+3
* Remove unused options and default to not stripping file extenstions.Michael Drake2013-05-281-3/+1
* actually set the option we computeVincent Sanders2013-05-281-2/+5
* Try the variant that passes "TRUE" in R2.Michael Drake2013-05-281-1/+1
* fixup issues with new options API mergeVincent Sanders2013-05-285-9/+9
* move riscos to new option APIVincent Sanders2013-05-284-440/+103
* fix mismatched option name and variable namesVincent Sanders2013-05-282-4/+4
* move options includeVincent Sanders2013-05-2834-35/+35
* change all core and frontend options headers to new formatVincent Sanders2013-05-281-124/+43
* move the logging initialisation out to be call by frontendsVincent Sanders2013-05-231-2/+16
* Front ends have no reason to include desktop/selection.h now.Michael Drake2013-05-105-5/+0
* Remove struct selection from gui_drag_save_selection, so gui.h doesn't need i...Michael Drake2013-05-101-2/+5
* Remove search context from browser window, simplify search interface for fron...Michael Drake2013-05-071-80/+51
* Fix menu shading of copy/cut/paste options when more than one of them should ...Michael Drake2013-03-181-5/+5
* Pass caret clip rect out to front ends. (Nothing actually using them yet.)Michael Drake2013-03-051-4/+6
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Fryatt2013-02-241-0/+2
| * Fix leak when handling pasteJohn-Mark Bell2013-02-241-0/+2
* | Set Message_DataRequest length correctly.Steve Fryatt2013-02-241-1/+1
* Fix handling of Ctrl-Left/Right/Up/Down in browser windows.Steve Fryatt2013-02-241-7/+8
* A load of refactoring of how content selection and input work.Michael Drake2013-02-223-34/+46
* Fix build.Michael Drake2013-02-183-1/+3
* More fixup.Michael Drake2013-02-182-6/+10
* Make it build again.Michael Drake2013-02-181-11/+13
* fix errors introduced in refactorVincent Sanders2013-02-183-10/+22
* rename flags for browser_window routines to be shorterVincent Sanders2013-02-188-46/+46
* change browser_window_create and refactor all callsitesVincent Sanders2013-02-186-134/+331
* browser_window_navigate refactorVincent Sanders2013-02-184-35/+137
* Add JS filetype to mimetype mapping.Michael Drake2013-02-151-0/+1
* Fix potential double free when we've had something in our clipboard, another ...Michael Drake2013-02-131-9/+12
* Changing browser window to get wimp double clicks meant enum value for single...Michael Drake2013-02-131-3/+2
* Pass triple clicks to core.Michael Drake2013-02-121-7/+64
* Pass double clicks to browser windows.Michael Drake2013-02-121-3/+3
* Update nsfont_split documentation. Implementation was already compatible. C...Michael Drake2013-02-101-5/+12
* Require and bundle Iconv 0.12John-Mark Bell2013-01-294-3/+10
* Initialise return values in error cases, too: core code is horrifically lax a...John-Mark Bell2013-01-261-0/+7
* Fix paste. Store clipboard as UTF-8 internally, to avoid unnecessary data los...John-Mark Bell2013-01-224-54/+234
* Require CryptRandom 0.13 or laterJohn-Mark Bell2013-01-201-2/+2
* Make nsfont_split implementation better for core textarea.Michael Drake2013-01-181-1/+14
* Don't search back for spaces if the whole string fits in available width.Michael Drake2013-01-161-2/+3
* Fix 2576557: prepend '!' to target leafname if preparing a full save.John-Mark Bell2013-01-131-0/+5
* Fix 1912552: move FontRemove into ro_gui_cleanup()John-Mark Bell2013-01-132-3/+2
* Consult internal mimemap before consulting MimeMap module.John-Mark Bell2013-01-131-1/+13
* Update RISC OS front end to implement new clipboard API. TODO: Handle paste ...Michael Drake2013-01-081-112/+36
* Fix typo.John-Mark Bell2013-01-031-1/+1
* move common include path setup to core MakefileVincent Sanders2012-12-201-5/+3
* Properly capitalise JavaScriptSteve Fryatt2012-12-164-4/+4
* Add Enable Javascript configuration to RO GUI.Steve Fryatt2012-12-155-40/+89
* split target defaults outVincent Sanders2012-12-131-0/+31
* make macro name more correctVincent Sanders2012-12-131-5/+5
* add spidermonkey to riscos makefilesVincent Sanders2012-12-101-0/+4