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* move frontends into sub directoryVincent Sanders2016-05-1551-415/+0
* update version info for next development cycleVincent Sanders2016-04-061-1/+1
* Add missing resources to windows frontendVincent Sanders2016-03-204-0/+12
* add certificate authority bundle handling to windowsVincent Sanders2016-03-202-1/+3
* Remove unecessary dll from windows installer scriptVincent Sanders2015-04-291-2/+0
* Try to get Windows building with FatMessages. This approach makes me ill, an...Rob Kendrick (fatigue)2012-11-032-2/+1
* fix windows build format specifiersVincent Sanders2012-08-124-0/+136
* make windows about window functionalVincent Sanders2011-03-251-8/+10
* Improve icon resource to contain all standard sizes and depthsVincent Sanders2011-03-224-6/+5
* rationalise windows resource scriptVincent Sanders2011-03-0612-217/+256
* use the netsurf icons on the window decorationVincent Sanders2011-02-091-1/+2
* Purge Aliases file stuff.Michael Drake2010-12-041-1/+0
* Fix high colour bitmap loading on toolbarVincent Sanders2010-02-041-1/+1
* Cleanup toolbar usageVincent Sanders2010-02-049-10/+17
* Add toolbar icons.Michael Drake2010-01-3115-0/+0
* fix include path mis-mergeVincent Sanders2010-01-311-1/+1
* Add Windows frontendVincent Sanders2010-01-3122-0/+221