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masterTest case for r12642.Michael Drake7 years
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2011-08-23Test case for r12642.HEADmasterMichael Drake1-0/+18
2011-04-21Add some test cases.Michael Drake3-0/+59
2011-01-26Simplify test cases and ensure strict layout.Michael Drake2-40/+16
2011-01-26Regression tests for r11498.Michael Drake2-0/+48
2011-01-21Add tests for CSS3 HSL colour support.Michael Drake2-0/+3355
2011-01-09Regression test for r11270.Michael Drake1-0/+25
2011-01-09Regression test for r11262.Michael Drake1-0/+20
2011-01-08Regression test for r11257.Michael Drake1-0/+46
2010-08-26Add a couple of border test cases and the beginnings of a plotter test page.Michael Drake3-0/+13767
2010-04-27Test case for bad widths for floats due to the available width being unknown ...Michael Drake1-0/+21