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construct topoligicaly consitant (dependancy correct) interface map
use dependancy map to generate javascript prototype for all interfaces in the binding.
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diff --git a/src/nsgenbind-ast.h b/src/nsgenbind-ast.h
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--- a/src/nsgenbind-ast.h
+++ b/src/nsgenbind-ast.h
@@ -82,12 +82,27 @@ genbind_node_find(struct genbind_node *node,
* search the full tree depth (initial search) or the result
* of a previous search to continue.
* @param nodetype The type of node to seach for
+ * @return The found node or NULL for no nodes.
struct genbind_node *
genbind_node_find_type(struct genbind_node *node,
struct genbind_node *prev,
enum genbind_node_type nodetype);
+/** count how many nodes of a specified type.
+ *
+ * Enumerate how many nodes of the specified type there are by
+ * performing a depth first search for nodes of the given type and
+ * counting the number of results.
+ *
+ * @param node The node to start the search from
+ * @param nodetype The type of node to count
+ * @return The number of nodes found.
+ */
+genbind_node_enumerate_type(struct genbind_node *node,
+ enum genbind_node_type type);
/** Depth first left hand search returning nodes of the specified type
* and a ident child node with matching text