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* Expose nullable flag in IR and have generated getters use it.John-Mark Bell2016-02-011-0/+6
* extend IR to have a separate map for attribute typesVincent Sanders2015-11-051-30/+81
* Extend IR attribute entries to contain the type modifilerVincent Sanders2015-10-241-11/+31
* Add automatic generation of property getters and settersVincent Sanders2015-10-081-0/+16
* Implement putforwards processing.Vincent Sanders2015-09-301-4/+64
* add dictionary members to irVincent Sanders2015-08-211-4/+122
* add dictionary support and generationVincent Sanders2015-08-211-173/+261
* rename interface map to be intermediate representationVincent Sanders2015-08-171-0/+874