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* alter InterfaceMembers to be left recusrsiveVincent Sanders2012-09-071-3/+9
* slightly rearrange Web IDL start term to be left recusrsive and not have redu...Vincent Sanders2012-09-071-7/+4
* fix braino while moving filenameVincent Sanders2012-09-071-1/+1
* add copyright and licence noticesVincent Sanders2012-09-0711-19/+102
* fixup error reporting to give linenumberVincent Sanders2012-09-074-41/+76
* complete binding section parseVincent Sanders2012-09-072-5/+33
* move towards having a binding stanzaVincent Sanders2012-09-063-17/+54
* add preamble blocks delinited by [[[ and ]]]Vincent Sanders2012-09-067-109/+175
* initial output generationVincent Sanders2012-09-069-73/+248
* set lexers input properlyVincent Sanders2012-09-053-15/+21
* make tests workVincent Sanders2012-09-059-93/+227
* Fix up bison usageJohn-Mark Bell2012-09-053-48/+23
* cause objects to linkVincent Sanders2012-09-041-1/+1
* start using core buildsystemVincent Sanders2012-09-045-30/+43
* Initial version of netsurf webidl javascript binding geenrator toolVincent Sanders2012-09-048-0/+1261