BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ashmew2/kolibriosAdd makefile for kos32-gcc.Ashish Gupta2 months
chris/clib2-debugRevert "Enable __MEM_DEBUG in clib2"Chris Young12 months
chris/http2Revert "Fix curl build on AmigaOS"Chris Young10 months
chris/openssl-68kApply the m68k optimisations also to the m68k Atari build (untested)Chris Young10 months
chris/openssl11Broken amigaos3 build of openssl1.1, but slightly less broken than in masterChris Young4 weeks
chris/yylexEnsure patch can find the fileChris Young17 months
jmb/openssl-asmOpenSSL: fully disable CPU feature detection.John-Mark Bell2 years
masterAdd the m68k BigNum asm optimisation back in.Chris Young46 hours
mono/atari-adjustmentsMerge branch 'master' into mono/atari-adjustmentsOle Loots4 years
rjek/gccsdk-4.7.4Merge branch 'rjek/gccsdk-4.7.4' of ssh:// ...Rob Kendrick3 years
rjek/libmozjsInitial work towards building SpiderMonkeyRob Kendrick (fatigue)5 years