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* Add callback to make client compute the font size.John Mark Bell2009-07-041-2/+3
* Query client for initial values of color, font-family, quotes, and voice-fami...John Mark Bell2009-07-041-0/+5
* Support for parsing inline stylesJohn Mark Bell2009-06-261-0/+1
* Completely change the approach used for presentational hints.John Mark Bell2009-03-231-1/+4
* Sketch out something for presentational hints.John Mark Bell2009-03-221-1/+2
* Port libcss to libwapcaplet.Daniel Silverstone2009-02-141-22/+14
* Drop css_error_handler and rename css_alloc to css_allocator_fnDaniel Silverstone2009-02-141-1/+1
* Pseudo classes are now matched by callbacks to the client. This is far saner,...John Mark Bell2009-02-141-18/+15
* Handle :first-child within libcssJohn Mark Bell2009-02-141-10/+11
* Enumerate pseudo classes and elementsJohn Mark Bell2009-02-101-0/+20
* Match detailsJohn Mark Bell2009-02-091-0/+22
* This is more likely to handle universal simple_selectors correctly.John Mark Bell2009-02-091-3/+6
* Match selector chains. Universal selectors will probably break this.John Mark Bell2009-02-091-1/+9
* Beginnings of a handler function table.John Mark Bell2009-02-091-1/+9
* Oh look, I've changed my mind again.John Mark Bell2009-02-071-1/+1
* More API changes.John Mark Bell2009-02-071-1/+1
* Create header containing computed style representation. This isn't remotely c...John Mark Bell2009-01-271-6/+0
* I guess it helps if you commit the header, too.John Mark Bell2009-01-271-2/+6
* Introduce ability to create/destroy selection contexts.John Mark Bell2009-01-261-0/+36