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* Media Queries: datastructures and plumbing.John-Mark Bell2019-03-101-3/+2
* Strip trailing whitespace.Michael Drake2017-09-041-4/+4
* Various changes which modify API and ABI:Michael Drake2013-12-131-1/+0
* Make "params" argument to css_stylesheet_create const. Thanks to James Montg...Michael Drake2011-09-021-1/+1
* Add structure versioning for client inputJohn Mark Bell2011-03-131-0/+7
* Minor documentation fixes.John Mark Bell2011-02-021-6/+7
* add system font hookVincent Sanders2011-02-021-0/+34
* Provide hook for system colour name -> RGB conversionJohn Mark Bell2011-01-291-5/+48
* Provide notification hook for imported stylesheets, to enable clients to para...John Mark Bell2010-12-051-2/+21
* Sprinkle some C++ scoping aroundJohn Mark Bell2010-10-231-0/+9
* Fix libcss to use new libwapcaplet behaviour.Daniel Silverstone2010-03-271-2/+2
* Origin and media are not properties of the stylesheet. John Mark Bell2010-01-121-4/+1
* Calculate the in-memory size of stylesheets and provide some API to access this.John Mark Bell2009-07-271-0/+2
* Make all URIs absoluteJohn Mark Bell2009-07-011-0/+14
* Support for parsing inline stylesJohn Mark Bell2009-06-261-1/+2
* Quirks mode parsingJohn Mark Bell2009-02-151-2/+4
* Port libcss to libwapcaplet.Daniel Silverstone2009-02-141-2/+2
* Rework handling of imported stylesheets.John Mark Bell2009-02-141-8/+9
* Drop css_error_handler and rename css_alloc to css_allocator_fnDaniel Silverstone2009-02-141-1/+1
* Synchronise media type bitfield with reality -- it's 64bits wide.John Mark Bell2009-02-121-2/+2
* Make stylesheet component constructors/destructors report errorsJohn Mark Bell2008-11-091-3/+3
* Create a parser instance for a stylesheet. Also create a level-specific front...John Mark Bell2008-09-251-1/+1
* Mechanism for the client to select the language level.John Mark Bell2008-09-251-1/+2
* Add API to get/set a stylesheet's disabled stateJohn Mark Bell2008-09-251-2/+3
* Implement most of stylesheet's public APIJohn Mark Bell2008-09-251-0/+2
* Public stylesheet API & stubbed out implementations.John Mark Bell2008-09-251-0/+36