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* Any declaration with non-whitespace tokens unconsumed after parsing the prope...John Mark Bell2009-06-251-1/+11
* Centralise !important handling.John Mark Bell2009-06-181-0/+14
* Lose redundant assignmentJohn Mark Bell2009-05-271-1/+1
* More refactoring groundwork. This actually compiles and passes the testsuite.John Mark Bell2009-05-261-62/+0
* Groundwork for property parser refactoring.John Mark Bell2009-05-261-2/+1
* Pedantic line wrappingJohn Mark Bell2009-05-261-1/+2
* A bunch of c89.John Mark Bell2009-04-151-6/+7
* Port libcss to libwapcaplet.Daniel Silverstone2009-02-141-7/+16
* Rework handling of imported stylesheets.John Mark Bell2009-02-141-37/+2
* Parse media type list in @import ruleJohn Mark Bell2009-02-141-6/+50
* I guess it helps if you actually flag that you've had a valid statement, so @...John Mark Bell2009-02-141-0/+6
* Drop css_error_handler and rename css_alloc to css_allocator_fnDaniel Silverstone2009-02-141-2/+2
* Assert that we've got a style once the property handler's returned CSS_OK.John Mark Bell2009-02-141-9/+7
* Distinguish between pseudo classes and pseudo elementsJohn Mark Bell2009-02-101-2/+22
* Simplify API of css_stylesheet_selector_create -- it's always used to create ...John Mark Bell2009-01-251-4/+2
* Make @import actually create a rule and attempt some kind of fetch logic.John Mark Bell2009-01-141-1/+61
* Create charset rule objects.John Mark Bell2009-01-141-2/+28
* Given that we're going to be copying selector details, anyway, it seems point...John Mark Bell2008-12-011-19/+13
* Retain pointer to dictionary entries so we don't have to rediscover it later.John Mark Bell2008-12-011-17/+17
* Use parserutils_hash instead of parserutils_dict.John Mark Bell2008-11-301-1/+1
* Tidy things up somewhat.John Mark Bell2008-11-281-0/+1002