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* add css 3.1 complex predefined counter styles for addative systemsVincent Sanders2021-02-151-1/+114
* Improve list style fallback styling and range processingVincent Sanders2021-02-141-176/+231
* fix list style formatting with negative valuesVincent Sanders2021-02-131-158/+161
* implement the remaining css 3.1 simple predefined counter stylesVincent Sanders2021-02-121-0/+255
* implement the firt half of the css 3.1 simple predefined counter stylesVincent Sanders2021-02-091-29/+198
* add cyclic system to list style formattingVincent Sanders2021-02-081-2/+75
* make roman numeral list style obey range limit and fix decimal fallbackVincent Sanders2021-02-061-15/+31
* make list stle structures const and fix initialisation for older compilersVincent Sanders2021-02-061-22/+25
* add text formatting of values with list stylesVincent Sanders2021-02-051-0/+542