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* Fix tests for unicode escape sequences to actually have the correct expected ↵John Mark Bell2009-05-261-5/+40
| | | | | | | | | | | values. Fix expected value for a CHAR containing solely a \. Add new tests for invalid unicode escape sequences (out-of-range, lonely surrogates, etc). Add test to ensure that \000D gets converted to \000A. Fix unicode escape sequence handling to pass the above tests. Also ensure it correctly handles the whitespace character after the escape sequence. svn path=/trunk/libcss/; revision=7549
* A couple of tests for CSS 2.1 issue 85 ('\'[\n\r(\r\n)] is not an escape ↵John Mark Bell2009-03-281-0/+21
| | | | | | sequence outside a string). We pass these, anyway, but it's worth ensuring that. svn path=/trunk/libcss/; revision=6965
* Match expected token data with that output by the lexer.John Mark Bell2008-05-051-1/+1
| | | | | | Fix test #44's expected token data. svn path=/trunk/libcss/; revision=4125
* Fix testdriver to accept # in inputJohn Mark Bell2008-05-031-0/+608
| | | | | | | Significantly more tests for the lexer -- this basically covers all the non-OOD/EOF cases Fix bug in lexing of "/x" -- the CHAR(/) was getting dropped by the "don't emit comment tokens" logic svn path=/trunk/libcss/; revision=4120
* Testdriver for automated lexer tests. This needs a little more work to ↵John Mark Bell2008-05-011-0/+8
verify that the data contained within emitted tokens is as expected. Very trivial testdata to exercise this. svn path=/trunk/libcss/; revision=4115