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* Some more test cases.Michael Drake2009-01-231-10/+228
* Fix test dataJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-1/+1
* Fix test dataJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-0/+1
* Fix test dataJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-1/+2
* More tests.Michael Drake2009-01-231-0/+486
* Test other angle unit ranges.Michael Drake2009-01-231-0/+44
* Fix test dataJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-8/+8
* 0 is always output as 0<unit>. Fix test that thinks otherwiseJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-1/+1
* url() isn't invalid, so fix the expected valueJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-0/+1
* Comment out more tests that assume that named colours are actually implementedJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-13/+13
* Fix azimuth dataJohn Mark Bell2009-01-231-5/+5
* More property testing.Michael Drake2009-01-231-0/+82
* More property testing.Michael Drake2009-01-231-0/+260
* Extra test, to ensure recovery after unterminated string.John Mark Bell2009-01-221-0/+11
* Fix test data -- unterminated strings contain everything up to the end of the...John Mark Bell2009-01-221-2/+0
* Possibly fix test data.Michael Drake2009-01-211-0/+11
* Test cases for illegal values.Michael Drake2009-01-201-0/+103