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LibXML 2 binding for libdom.
This is mostly stub, at present svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3412
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+LibXML binding for libdom
+ This is an example binding of libxml2 to libdom. It consists of two,
+ orthogonal, parts:
+ 1) libxml push parser wrapper
+ 2) libxml-specific DOMImplementationSource for libdom
+Push parser wrapper
+ This is a wrapper around libxml's push parser API, to facilitate
+ construction of a libdom DOM tree. The basic premise is that the wrapper
+ intercepts the SAX events emitted by libxml's tokeniser then invokes
+ libxml's own SAX handlers, wrapping the results up in libdom-specific
+ data structures.
+ The tree created is thus a tree of libdom nodes, each of which is linked
+ to the libxml node that backs it. This allows the binding to process the
+ DOM tree using libxml api, should it need to (e.g. for normalization
+ purposes).
+ The DOMImplementationSource exposes the APIs needed to create a new
+ document based upon the libxml binding. It also provides the utility
+ functions that libdom uses when performing some operations (such as
+ document normalization). This is needed as libdom is document language
+ agnostic; therefore, it requires support from the binding to perform
+ some operations.