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Sync with modified libwapcaplet API: 11 additional DOM Level1 testsuite failures. Most importantly, it actually compiles now.
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diff --git a/src/core/string.h b/src/core/string.h
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--- a/src/core/string.h
+++ b/src/core/string.h
@@ -13,17 +13,11 @@
/* Create a DOM string from a lwc_string
* This function call mainly used for create a string from lwc_string */
dom_exception _dom_string_create_from_lwcstring(dom_alloc alloc, void *pw,
- struct lwc_context_s *ctx, struct lwc_string_s *str,
- struct dom_string **ret);
+ struct lwc_string_s *str, struct dom_string **ret);
-/* Make the dom_string be interned in the lwc_context */
+/* Make the dom_string be interned */
dom_exception _dom_string_intern(struct dom_string *str,
- struct lwc_context_s *ctx, struct lwc_string_s **lwcstr);
-/* Compare the raw data of two lwc_strings for equality when the two strings
- * belong to different lwc_context */
-int _dom_lwc_string_compare_raw(struct lwc_string_s *s1,
- struct lwc_string_s *s2);
+ struct lwc_string_s **lwcstr);
/* Map the lwc_error to dom_exception */
dom_exception _dom_exception_from_lwc_error(lwc_error err);