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DOM Strings are now capable of containing either UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoded data.
The charset used for strings within a document is specified at document creation time. Whilst it is possible to mix charsets within a document, it's not recommended. Things that need fixing: + dom_string_get_data() doesn't return the charset. Better would be to permit the client to request a charset for the data to be returned in. + Interned node name strings will break if the document is UTF-16 (dom_document_create()). In fact, these could quite happily be globals, rather than allocating a set for each document. + Other usage of dom string constructors need checking for sanity + DOM Strings need to gain more utility APIs (such as getting the character length of a string, string concatenation etc). svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3614
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+ * This file is part of libdom.
+ * Licensed under the MIT License,
+ *
+ * Copyright 2007 John-Mark Bell <>
+ */
+#ifndef dom_utils_charset_errors_h_
+#define dom_utils_charset_errors_h_
+typedef enum {
+ CHARSET_OK, /**< No error */
+ CHARSET_BADPARM, /**< Bad parameters to argument */
+ CHARSET_NEEDDATA, /**< Insufficient data for operation */
+ CHARSET_INVALID /**< Invalid input data */
+} charset_error;