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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+Copyright (c) 2001 World Wide Web Consortium,
+(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Institut National de
+Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, Keio University). All
+Rights Reserved. This program is distributed under the W3C's Software
+Intellectual Property License. This program is distributed in the
+hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
+See W3C License for more details.
+<!DOCTYPE test SYSTEM "dom2.dtd">
+<test xmlns="" name="HTMLOptionsCollection05">
+ An HTMLOptionsCollection is a list of nodes representing HTML option
+ element.
+ An individual node may be accessed by either ordinal index, the node's
+ name or id attributes. (Test node name).
+ The namedItem method retrieves a Node using a name. It first searches
+ for a node with a matching id attribute. If it doesn't find one, it
+ then searches for a Node with a matching name attribute, but only
+ those elements that are allowed a name attribute. Upon failure(e.q., no
+ node with this name exists), returns null.
+ Retrieve the first FORM element. Create a HTMLCollection of the elements.
+ Search for an element that has select9 as the value for the name attribute.
+ Null should be returned since there is not any name or id attribute with
+ select9 as a value.
+<contributor>Rick Rivello</contributor>
+<date qualifier="created">2002-08-01</date>
+<subject resource=""/>
+<var name="nodeList" type="NodeList"/>
+<var name="testNode" type="Node"/>
+<var name="optionsNode" type="Node"/>
+<var name="formsnodeList" type="HTMLCollection"/>
+<var name="vname" type="DOMString"/>
+<var name="doc" type="Document"/>
+<load var="doc" href="optionscollection" willBeModified="false"/>
+<getElementsByTagName interface="Document" obj="doc" var="nodeList" tagname='"form"'/>
+<assertSize collection="nodeList" size="1" id="Asize"/>
+<item interface="NodeList" obj="nodeList" var="testNode" index="0"/>
+<elements interface="HTMLFormElement" obj="testNode" var="formsnodeList"/>
+<namedItem interface="HTMLOptionsCollection" obj="formsnodeList" var="optionsNode" name='"select9"'/>
+<assertNull actual="optionsNode" id="nameIndexLink"/>