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* Merge the branches/struggleyb/libdom-remain back to trunk.Bo Yang2009-08-1111-698/+0
| | | | svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=9191
* First cut at a port to the new buildsystem.John Mark Bell2009-03-251-69/+0
| | | | | | DOMTS stuff currently disabled. svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=6883
* Make hubbub parser binding build trees correctly (credit: Bo Yang)John Mark Bell2009-03-051-1/+1
| | | | svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=6711
* Make TestObject support both HTML and XML documents and auto-detect which ↵John Mark Bell2007-11-041-22/+123
| | | | | | | | | | parser to use. Make binding testcase attempt to load an HTML document. Hubbub parser binding constructor takes Aliases file path as a parameter. Hubbub parser binding's token handler now spews debug at stdout. svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3648
* Fix TestObject after xml binding error changesJohn Mark Bell2007-11-041-4/+5
| | | | svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3647
* Fix up bindings buildsystem to permit multiple bindings to be built -- quite ↵John Mark Bell2007-11-041-10/+10
| | | | | | | | | why this wasn't done in the first place is currently beyond me. Tidy up XML binding -- ensure all public API is prefixed dom_xml_ to avoid confusion, remove xml_alloc (it's pointless), and move xml_msg to <dom/functypes.h> (as dom_msg, as it's more useful there) Fix up testobject to compile once more svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3643
* dom_initialise() and dom_finalise() are now completely public, rather than ↵John Mark Bell2007-09-291-1/+7
| | | | | | | | hidden away in a header only meant for inclusion by bindings. Client applications are responsible for initialisation and finalisation of the dom library. This must happen before/after (respectively) any call to a dom library or dom binding library function. The reason for this change is that, if multiple bindings are required, then the dom library should still only be initialised/finalised once. Only the client can enforce this sensibly. svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3606
* Add finalisation method to libxml-libdom.John Mark Bell2007-09-291-2/+11
| | | | | | Ensure testcases clean up after themselves by calling xml_dom_binding_finalise() svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3605
* Alter assert_equals signature, stub out assert_uri_equalsJames Shaw2007-09-262-10/+34
| | | | svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3594
* Extend list implementation, add test-list.c to test some of it.James Shaw2007-09-228-19/+159
| | | | svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3573
* Rename testcase utility library to libdomtest -- libdebug made no senseJohn Mark Bell2007-09-221-2/+2
| | | | svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3571
* Create a library of utility functions for the testsuite to useJohn Mark Bell2007-09-2210-0/+486
Make test/binding.c include stdio.h itself rather than relying on other things to include it. svn path=/trunk/dom/; revision=3568