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* Area Element & documentElement minor fixrsk19942014-06-116-0/+95
* Applet Elementrsk19942014-06-118-0/+84
* Object <object> Element.rsk19942014-06-1111-0/+115
* Typecasting POC to correct DOMTSHandler. A minor dupliction fixed in Anchor E...rsk19942014-06-118-0/+43
* Including Level2 tests & the Basefont Element , also a minor change in level2...rsk19942014-06-1165-1/+41
* Level2: Enable 2 more tests, note one not implemented and three known failuresDaniel Silverstone2012-08-076-0/+0
* Enable level2 core test suite, disabling all tests but documentgetelementbyid01Daniel Silverstone2012-08-06284-0/+0
* Merge DOMTS tests -- they're causing havoc with review diffs.John Mark Bell2009-07-30446-0/+21593