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* Import more W3C tests that compile successfullyJames Shaw2007-08-113-0/+146
* Implement assertSizeJames Shaw2007-08-111-2/+66
* Import more W3C tests that compile successfullyJames Shaw2007-08-095-0/+233
* Add assertTrue and assertFalse templates; add boolean primitive to ctypes.xml...James Shaw2007-08-092-1/+28
* Import more W3C tests that compile successfullyJames Shaw2007-08-086-0/+277
* Import string helper functions from XSLT Standard LibraryJames Shaw2007-08-081-0/+1233
* Fix casting of structs as 'out' parameters. Update ctypes.xml mappings.James Shaw2007-08-082-2/+63
* Import test from W3C test suiteJames Shaw2007-08-031-0/+45
* Reinstate assertEquals templateJames Shaw2007-08-031-2/+51
* Implemented variable-or-literal type guessing. Implemented creation of tempo...James Shaw2007-08-011-11/+38
* Improve infrastructure for generating parameters for method calls. Stub out ...James Shaw2007-07-271-20/+194
* Fix binding.c API usage.John Mark Bell2007-07-222-2/+11
* Rewritten produce-specific-attribute to handle casts properly. IDL to C name...James Shaw2007-07-222-240/+233
* Silence GCC/LD command lines when building test cases.John Mark Bell2007-07-214-10/+11
* Add cast for attribute result variableJames Shaw2007-07-212-16/+128
* Fix RISC OS buildJohn Mark Bell2007-07-201-6/+7
* Silence XSLT invocation.John Mark Bell2007-07-201-1/+2
* Add XML to C transformation to 'make test' targetJames Shaw2007-07-195-10/+2573
* Fix casting for attribute accessor generation. Add cast for string James Shaw2007-07-181-10/+24
* Take out lots of <assertEquals> code because it's broken, and needs James Shaw2007-07-171-8/+14
* Include utils.hJames Shaw2007-07-161-0/+1
* Partially implement method invocation. Should be sufficient to generate James Shaw2007-07-161-1/+64
* Implement TestObject class and other test utilities (testutils.h)John Mark Bell2007-07-154-3/+235
* Implement <load>. Extend <assertEquals> to handle equality test for James Shaw2007-07-151-20/+82
* Implement metadata function comment. Partially implement <assertEquals> James Shaw2007-07-141-35/+135
* Import dom1-interfaces -- autogenned by the w3c DOM test suite. James Shaw2007-07-112-3/+3773
* Initial revision of test-to-c transformerJames Shaw2007-07-111-0/+95
* Import DOM library.John Mark Bell2007-07-063-0/+211