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Move one step closer to getting encoding changes working.
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@@ -187,4 +187,16 @@ Callback behaviour
This function must set the quirks mode flag of the document to "mode".
+ | int hubbub_tree_encoding_change(void *ctx,
+ | const char *name);
+ This function is called when a meta tag which specifies a charset is seen
+ in the treebuilder. [1] The client is responsible for checking if the
+ encoding the document is being processed as should actually be changed, and
+ if it should, this function should return 1. In this case, the parser
+ instance will return the error code HUBBUB_ENCODINGCHANGE when it returns
+ from parsing the chunk that triggered the encoding change. The parser
+ instance should then be destroyed and a new one created with that encoding
+ specified.
+ [1]