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added RAWTEXT contentModel. Also removed an if(c='-') condition because I felt it was extranious, with no clear logic, not according to the specs. Also fixed a sever bug in handling the tagname state. In all 3 more test files give a PASS
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@@ -6,11 +6,11 @@ test1.test html5lib tests (part 1)
test2.test html5lib tests (part 2)
test3.test html5lib tests (part 3)
test4.test html5lib tests (part 4)
-#contentModelFlags.test html5lib content model tests
+contentModelFlags.test html5lib content model tests
entities.test html5lib entity tests
-#escapeFlag.test html5lib escape flag tests
+escapeFlag.test html5lib escape flag tests
numericEntities.test html5lib numeric entities tests
-#unicodeChars.test html5lib unicode character tests
+unicodeChars.test html5lib unicode character tests
cdata.test CDATA section tests
regression.test Regression tests
#domjs.test NA