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Enabling some tests. The regresssion.test file had some tests that I found to be wrong and therefore changed them. A confirmation from the mentors is needed to verify its validity.
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@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ test2.test html5lib tests (part 2)
test3.test html5lib tests (part 3)
test4.test html5lib tests (part 4)
#contentModelFlags.test html5lib content model tests
-#entities.test html5lib entity tests
+entities.test html5lib entity tests
#escapeFlag.test html5lib escape flag tests
-#numericEntities.test html5lib numeric entities tests
+numericEntities.test html5lib numeric entities tests
#unicodeChars.test html5lib unicode character tests
cdata.test CDATA section tests
-#regression.test Regression tests
+regression.test Regression tests
#domjs.test NA
namedEntities.test html5lib named entities tests
-#pendingSpecChanges.test NA
+pendingSpecChanges.test NA
#unicodeCharsProblematic.test NA
#xmlViolation.test NA